Share Your Voice

Use these pages to guide you, reflect, respond, observe, hope, dream, and most of all create! The best gift I could think of was to encourage you to keep writing. Keep striving and continue to foster your desire to share your voice.

My favorite high school English teacher challenged me to my limits but encouraged me the entire way. Upon high school graduation, she gifted me with a journal and the aforementioned words. She could tell that I had an inner desire to share my voice, thoughts, and ideas with the world. Sometimes I just lacked the direction of knowing the best way to accomplish just that. I still haven’t written anything in that journal. Part of me never felt anything was important enough to write down in such a precious gift. Instead, I turned to various online blogs; blogs I treasure but had no desire to share. Blogs and entries and thoughts that got me through some of the toughest days of my life. 

When I found myself wanting to share my voice with the world, I struggled with knowing if I should open up my old blog and allow people access to it. Part of me felt that it could very well unleash old wounds that have long ago healed and I couldn’t bring myself to do that. However there is, in my opinion, some very good content in it that I’ve shared with a handful of people and want to share with everyone else. The solution become clear – new blog but with occasionally “flashbacks” referencing previous pieces I’ve written. 

I’ve started this first entry several times and it always ended up in the delete folder. I find the first entry of a new blog to be one of the most important – it’s your story, it’s what the blog is about, it’s your voice. 

And that’s the most important thing – this blog is about sharing my voice, my thoughts, my ideas. Even after all these years and all the time that has passed, I still feel at home when I’m writing. It’s the best way of expressing myself that I’ve ever found. There’s always something rolling around in my head: an essay I want to write, something someone said that has inspired me, excerpts from a book I’ll never write. That’s exactly what this blog will be about – all those thoughts and ideas and words in my head that I feel a need to express while I share my voice. 


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