Dear Gym Person…

The person I look at every once and a while while I’m running. I promise I’m not judging you. You see, I hate running. A lot. But I know that running is good for me, so I’m trying to form a habit. My eyes have always wandered. Not in a bad way, I just like to observe the world around me. I refuse to look at the time on the treadmill – it does nothing good for me. So today, I’ve decided to look over at you from time to time. It’s okay, I’ll look at someone else tomorrow. I look at a variety of people. All of you have one thing in common – you’re on the treadmill too. 

Some of you are running. Some of you are walking. Some of you are doing intervals just like me. But you’re all moving. I’m not judging you in any way, shape, or form. I’m looking for inspiration. I’m looking for something to take my mind off of running, until the day comes that I don’t hate running as much. 

You’re inspiring me and you don’t even realize it. I may be competing with myself at the gym, but seeing you run is inspiring me to not quit when my mind is yelling at me to stop. Seeing you walk is encouraging when I can’t run another minute, reminding me that it’s okay to walk a bit. Watching you do intervals reminds me that I’m not alone on my journey. 

I will likely never introduce myself to you. I won’t introduce myself to the person I watch tomorrow either. I didn’t introduce myself to the person I watched yesterday. And I only watch when I feel like I might quit. It’s not like I spend thirty minutes staring at you – that would be weird. But sometimes, when I’m on the fourth of six intervals, when I need a little more inspiration, I glance in your direction. I don’t feel so lonely in those moments. 

I’ve always prided myself on being a strong person. However, I have started and quit running multiple times in the past. This time, I am determined not to quit. I have given up the habits that drag me down – soda was the first to exit, followed by the introduction of healthy snacks; I refuse to step on the scale most days and instead look to how my clothes fit that day. When I glance over at you during those last thirty seconds of my interval, I think about how strong you are and how you keep moving. You haven’t quit your workout. You’re inspiring me from a distance. Thank you. 


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