An Open Prayer for My Future Husband

I remember sitting in Wednesday night Bible study when I was in my teens. I don’t recall the exact topic we were discussing, but we ended up talking about marriage and husbands and families. We talked about how God already knows who we’re going to marry one day. The teacher told us that even if we don’t know who we’re going to marry, it’s never too early to start praying for him. At the time, I thought it was the craziest thing I’d ever heard. Did it make me weird to pray for someone I didn’t know but knew God had planned out for me to marry? However, that thought has stuck with me through all the years. This is my open prayer for my future husband.

Dear God, it’s me again –

I don’t know where my future husband is. Maybe we’ve already crossed paths, maybe we haven’t. Maybe we’re currently best friends and don’t even realize it or maybe we’re complete strangers. I’m honesty not sure. But I know You have it all worked out. I know that when the time is right, You will lead us together and it will be better than either one of us ever imagined. 

I’m trying to be patient. I hope he is too. The wonderful blessings you have in store for us will be amazing. Thank You for that promise.

If my future husband has not found You yet, I pray that he will come to know You. Please keep him safe from harm and continue to guide him through his journey. If he’s having trouble making a decision, please be with him and lead him in the right direction. If he’s going through a tough time, comfort him. If he’s struggling, remind him that You’re always there for him. Surround him with wonderful people who will help him grow and discover who he is. Please don’t ever leave his side. 

Maybe he’s like me and finds himself wondering where his future spouse is from time to time. Surround him with pleasant thoughts that you’re saving something great for us. Remind him, like I’m often reminded, that I’m waiting for him just like he’s waiting for me. 

However, I pray these thoughts don’t consume him. I pray that he lives a wonderfully filling life. That he doesn’t dwell on things he cannot control. That he lives each day to the fullest and has a reason to smile at the end of each day. I pray You guide him and guide me until the day we find each other. 

I also pray that he always sees the best in people. That he is surrounded by goodness and happiness and helps others out. I pray that he finds joy in every single day. That he never goes to bed crying. That he is strong enough to pick himself back up if the world knocks him down. That he never takes a single moment for granted. That he becomes the person You made him to be. I pray that he finds his passion in life. That he finds a passion that leaves him feeling fulfilled. That he always knows he’s loved. I pray that no matter what happens, he never loses focus on You. That no matter what life throws at him, he always finds him way back to You. 

And there’s one more thing. 

Please keep him safe. Every single day. Protect him and guide him and help him. 



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