Almost is one of the saddest words ever. 

I almost got the job. 

You almost finished the race. 

He almost loved her. 

She almost made it. 

They almost saved that person. 


So close, yet so far away. 

Close enough to reach out, not close enough to touch. 

When your best truly wasn’t good enough. 

But almost can also be the happiest word ever. 

I almost quit – but I didn’t. 

You almost failed – but you didn’t. 

He almost lost her – but he didn’t. 

She almost didn’t make it – but she did. 

They almost didn’t cross the finish line – but they did. 


You were so close to not completing the task, but you did. 

Quitting was not an option. 

You can try and almost make it, but then you’ve failed yourself. 

You can try and almost not make it, but you do make it. 

Almost – the saddest and the happiest word. 


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