Makeup Free Week

A few weeks back, I wrote about how someone kept commenting that “your makeup looks good today.” I wear makeup because I like it but I never feel that I need to have it. Honestly, I’m more attached to those 10 minutes of sleep I could be getting every morning. However, as I still wasn’t able to shake those words my mind, I decided I needed to do something – I needed to prove to myself that I was comfortable going makeup free for an entire week. While I know I don’t need it to beautiful, I also couldn’t remember the last time I had gone more than a couple days without anything on my face. 

I tend to not wear much, if any makeup on Sunday, so that was an easy day to get through. The first couple days of the work week were slightly more difficult. I found myself staring at everyone else’s makeup, particularly eye shadow and all of a sudden I had a desire to make a good smokey eye. I didn’t cave though – I had set a one week goal for myself and intended to finish. Smokey eyes would have to wait until the week was over. 

Honestly – my favorite part of the week was getting that extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning. I liked knowing I could lay in bed and cuddle with my dogs for a little longer. I also liked the confidence that always comes to me when I go makeup free – it’s a different confidence than when I have makeup on. Although I never care what people think of me, it felt great to be completely fresh faced for the week. 

By the time Saturday came, I knew I had made it. Most of the people around me couldn’t have cared less if I had makeup on my face or not. The ones that always seemed to care didn’t mention that I had suddenly opted out of everything. Maybe people just need something to talk about most days. However, when those days start to get me down, I always feel the need to go back to my basics and who I am at the core of my soul – someone I’m still learning about.

I went makeup free for the week. I got back in touch with who I was years ago. It wasn’t like I had a big revelation or anything. I proved to myself that I really don’t care what people think about my makeup. Then I put on an amazing smokey eye the day the experiment was over. The next day was just a normal amount of makeup for me. And today – there’s BB cream, concealer, brows, and dark circle corrector. Because no matter what is on my face on a given day, I am comfortable with it, and that’s one of the greatest gifts I could ever give myself. 


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