Learning to Love My Body – the Follow-Up Doctor Visit

I had my follow up doctor visit last week. It was scheduled to go over the results of some tests my doctor has ordered. It had been two decades, give or take, since I had even been to the doctor. This time, I wasn’t taking my friend along. This time it would be my doctor and I talking about my health. 

I had access to my results ahead of time, but I had no idea what they meant. A few worried me, but most looked normal. I also had no real idea what I was looking at, so going into that office that day was scary. 

I’ve never felt more relieved than when my doctor told me I was perfectly healthy. Yes, obviously I might still want to lose a few pounds, but I’m already working on it and she saw nothing in my tests that caused her any concern. Sure, my HDL level could be higher, but I was extremely close to the average and she said they would go up as I exercised more and did more vicious excerise. The average the paperwork gave for LDL levels was wrong, so those were perfectly normal too – a relief because that had caused me concern. Currently my only risk of developing heart disease like like my dad is that he had it – I have no other risks associated with it. 

Other than that, we talked about my health. The things I should and shouldn’t be doing. If I should or shouldn’t do something or take something – something I won’t discuss here because all doctors are different and I know that what my doctor recommended or didn’t recommend might be different than someone else’s experience.

The important thing is to be comfortable with your doctor and what they are telling you. I am comfortable with mine – she has my best interest in mind and her approach to health is similiar to how I’ve been trying to change my health. 

I’ve said in the past that I don’t view getting healthy as a diet, I view it as a lifestyle change. I started out making smart substitutions to what I ate and over time, my grocery habits have changed. I’ve started to crave healthy food and although veggies and I still aren’t best friends, I know that over time we will at least become better friends. She said it was okay to still eat what I wanted, but to be smart about the portion and how often – you don’t need pasta every single day, but once or twice a week isn’t going to hurt you, as long as you’re smart about the portion and what else you’re eating. I love that she views it the same way I do, it makes my journey to getting healthy seem that much more possible. 

Learning to love my body is about taking the steps to get healthy and make sure my body is healthy. Going to the doctor was one of the scariest things ever, but looking back on it, it really wasn’t the scary. I did my homework, I found a doctor I believed would be a good fit for me. I dragged a friend along so I would be more comfortable during that first appointment. I kept the communication open with those around me about what I was feeling. My doctor showed that she cared and explained things in a manner in which I could understand and when I had questions, I asked. Loving my body is taking care of it and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. 


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