No, I Am Not On A Diet…

I was scrolling through Pinterest (aka one of my favorite hobbies) looking for motivational quotes – specifically motivation for working out. I’m getting better about going to the gym and I’m feeling stronger, however, knowing there will be days when I don’t want to go, I wanted to fill up my “Motivation” board with quotes to reflect on later. One popped up multiple times and caught my attention. 

Yes, I am trying to eat healthy. 

No, I am not on a diet. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I am trying to make healthy lifestyle choices. I’ve never thought of it as a diet. I’ve always thought of it as getting healthy. Working out because it’s good for me. Eating more fruits and veggies because they’re good for me. Going to bed earlier because it’s good for me. Keeping a routine for my face care because it’s good for me. Remembering to put lotion on each day because it’s good for me. Each choice I’ve made – food, gym, sleep, skincare, or anything else has been made with one question in mind – is it good for me?

I don’t consider myself to be on a diet. I ate a small piece of cake earlier at work because we were celebrating my birthday (and let’s be honest, it was chocolate cake, I am so not passing that up) but it was the choice I made – a small piece of cake and not going back for seconds. I knew one little piece of cake wasn’t going to ruin all the work I have put in. To prove it to myself, I ran longer at the gym. 

When I came home from the gym, I chose to have a snack before making dinner. Normally I would reach for a couple popsicles (my latest obsession) but instead I decided on mixed fruit (and a popsicle because they’re just that good!) but I made a healthy choice. I chose the fruit before dinner knowing I wouldn’t be as hungry during dinner, when I’m more likely to eat more. 

I am not on a diet. I am trying to make healthy choices. Yes, I will fail at times (last Friday rings a bell) but the important thing is that I will always get back up. I won’t quit. I’ve quit enough. I’m making a lifestyle change. It’s going to be hard. Chances are I’ll cry again at some point, but I know that I will thank myself in the long haul.